The Upper Cervical Spinal Correction

Upper cervical spinal correction - Straight Spine Chiropractic, Courtenay and Campbell River

An upper cervical spinal correction is a directional adjustment that is designed to proportionately reduce upper cervical misalignments.  To receive the adjustment, the patient is placed on their side with their skull precisely balanced on the headpiece of the table.  The doctor then contacts the topmost vertebra (the Atlas or C1) with the heel of their hand, aligns their body to the adjustment vector, and delivers a controlled, light and shallow downwards pressure.  There is no twisting or cracking of the neck.

Upper cervical spinal adjustment - Straight Spine Chiropractic, Courtenay and Campbell River


Following a short rest period, the patient will be re-measured to determine if the spine, pelvis, shoulders and leg lengths have returned to a better relationship to the vertical and horizontal axes.  After the first adjustment, one or two post-adjustment x-rays will be taken to ensure that an optimal correction has been achieved.  If it hasn't, the doctor will then re-calculate the vector and perform a second adjustment.  Once the vector that gives the best correction is known, no further x-rays are usually required.