Lower back - Ellis

To be honest, I had never heard of upper cervical chiropractic before and had never even been to a chiropractor before I came to the Straight Spine clinic last year.  I'm a Registered Nurse and had never heard of this form of therapy before and know it not a commonly found type of Chiropractic and am wondering why not more people know about it.  I would like to share my success story with this treatment in hopes that more clients will be aware of and consider this form of therapy.

At age 47, all of my back muscles felt tense and I had discomfort sitting for long period but never really questioned what was causing it as I had felt like this for as long as I can remember.  I found out about upper cervical spinal correction through my friends when they were saying how amazing Dr. Cockwill was at relieving their lower back pain and how the interventions were minimally invasive compared to any other form of treatment they had undergone (manual adjustments with lots of cracking and difficult movements). If it wasn't for these friends I never would have found out about this amazing form of therapy because they kindly got me on the waiting list to Straight Spine.

I thought I had injured my lower back snowboarding and did not recognize the scope of my alignment problem until x-rays at my first appointment revealed that I had degenerated vertebrae in my neck, my head was 2 degrees off its atlas, and one leg was longer than the other.  Dr. Cockwill did an adjustment that day and all my symptoms of discomfort were gone.  I felt euphoric where my entire spine and surrounding muscles in my lower/upper back and neck just relaxed and felt so loose...it is difficult to describe the instant relief.  I remember walking through the grocery store and feeling no tension in my body, almost like I was floating.  It was a totally surreal experience for me and I am still in awe of this treatment ( and the Chiropractic profession).  This is why I'm sharing my story.  I now go for tune-ups every 2 months and feel great.  I have also further reviewed my medical history and learned that a partial cause of my misalignment was a broken femur when I was four years old...although I am told, the snowboarding probably didn't help.  ;)

Thank you Dr. Cockwill.  I will be forever grateful.

My experiences in the office couldn't be better as well...the office staff are always helpful and friendly.