The Road to Recovery

Achieving and maintaining optimal spinal alignment and balance throughout the various phases of care will set the stage for spinal repair to occur. The rate at which the spine will heal is dependent upon a number of factors. 

  • How crooked your spine is.
  • How straight the doctor can get you.
  • The length of time that your spine has been misaligned.
  • The length of time that you have been symptomatic.
  • The frequency and intensity of painful periods.
  • The amount of disability you experience.
  • The number of regions of the spine that are symptomatic.
  • The degree of spinal damage from injury.
  • The degree of any degenerative changes.
  • The specific tissues that are producing pain.
  • The presence of bony malformations or deformations.
  • The activities that you perform following an adjustment.
  • How well you hold your adjustment.
  • How well you comply with the treatment program.
  • Other factors such as home and workplace environment, stress level, fitness level, general health, general attitude, and commitment to improvement.
Photo by olm26250/iStock / Getty Images - Dr. Cockwill and Dr. Franchesca Lee chiropractic, Courtenay and Campbell River