Acute neck pain - Bev

The reason I came to see Dr. Lee was actually through a friend's testimonial: he had such positive results from this type of procedure that I decided to come.  My neck on the left side of my spine was extremely painful. This was the first time I had this pain. It had occurred quite out of the blue.  It debilitated me for three weeks but I kept thinking it would sort itself out.  WRONG!  I made an appointment, was able to get in quickly and was very happy with Dr. Lee's assessment, explanation and professionalism.  Mostly I was amazed that after only one session of cervical pressure, and no harsh adjustment, my pain was gone and has been now for over a month. 

I haven't needed more adjustments.  I am so very thankful for the efficient and amazing treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Lee and this clinic to others.  She is pleasant, thorough and very approachable.  Thanks, Dr. Lee and staff.

Franchesca LeeNeck pain