Neck Issues - Christie

I have had major neck issues since I was 8 years old.  In my early thirties, I finally started getting some relief when I tried chiropractic therapy.  Those adjustments did not correct the misalignment of my cervical vertebrae but did help in other regions of my spine.  In 2012, I began upper cervical treatments with Dr. Cockwill.  Over the next 4-5 years I improved more and more.  In 2017, I began seeing Dr. Lee and started holding my adjustments for a longer period of time.  Dr. Lee took everything one step further and recommended  craniosacral massage as an adjunct to her treatments.

I took her advice and saw a recommended craniosacral therapist.  I was very impressed with this person's treatment and received more relief in my jaw, neck, head and upper back.  I realize that my injuries go back to when I was quite young so they are complicated and are not going to go away easily.  By Dr. Lee going one step further and suggesting I try another line of treatment, I fell this is very commendable on her part.

Thank you so much, Dr. Lee, for helping me get closer to attaining my health goals!